Safety Protection Electric Fence Solutions For Small Farm And Home Yard

Safety protection solutions

Safety protection solutions for small farm and home yard

    The best energizers

    The best energizers for smallfarm and home yard

    • 0.5J / 1J / 2J / 3.5J / 4.8J
    • DC / AC / Solar power source
    • CE / ROHS / IPX6
    The best plastic poultry netting

    The best plastic poultry netting for your chickens

    • Customize size
    • Durable
    • Easy to install
    • Unique chicken door design
    The best guard

    The best guard of your chickens

    • Light sensor & Timer function
    • 4 working meet different needs
    • 4 x AA Battery / 110-240v AC power source
    • CE (TUV) Certification

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    HPS Fence provides customers with sufficient product inventory to ensure customers' order requirements and timely delivery.

    Customized Solutions

    HPS Fence provides customers with suitable customized solutions for electric fence of your small farm & home yard.

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    About HPS Fence

    Electric Fence Energizer | Chicken Coop Door Opener | Chicken Netting China Manufacturer

    HPS Fence was established in 2003, focusing on providing professional technical solutions for small electronic farms and home backyards. At present, we have provided electronic fence solutions for thousands of customers from North America, South America, Europe, Australia and so on.

    HPS Fence mainly serves online e-commerce (amazon, independent websites, ebay, etc.), wholesalers and brand customers.

    HPS Electric Fence Products

    Since 2014, HPS Fence has been successfully developed electronic fence energizers, electric fence testers, chicken coop door openers and other products. Products are constantly updated and iterated, with more functions and more choices.

    Electric fence energizer

    A fence energizer takes in electrical energy from an outside source (either a 110V~240V outlet or 12V battery) and then pushes the energy out through the fence in very brief pulses...

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    Automatic chicken coop door opener

    Automatic chicken coop door opener let you not need to get up at the crack of dawn! And the same time giving you peace of mind by helping to protect ...

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    Electric fence accessories

    HPS Fence also provides you with a lot of electric fence accessories, such as fence tools, electric fence insulator, electric fence post, electric fence reel, fence gate handle, electric fence polytape, electric fence polywire and so on.

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    Electric Fence Energizer Manufacturer

    HPS Fence as a safety protection solution for small ranches and homes and yards. Provider: Provide related solutions for the protection of small ranches, family farmers, defensive customers, special functions, special animals, and elephant protection for 40 kilometers

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    HPS Fence FAQ
    Specializes in R&D, production and sales of all kinds of pasture animalhusbandry products, relevant plastic products. Its products are used inpasture to protect the animals+kept on the meadow.
    Wholesalers, You Might Want Better Product Prices?

    Mainly producing electronic fence/electric fence energizer/chicken coop door opener/chicken net, with a professional production line; And a mature supply chain with more than 20 years of cooperationmore>

    What is the availability of your merchandise?

    We always have electric fence energizer, fence tester, chicken door opener and other items instock for quick shipping.more>

    How does HPS Fence avoid packaging damage after multiple transhipment?

    HPS Fence product packaging passes the drop box test to ensure that you and your customers receive the product in perfect condition,For special products, we will carry out targeted packaging protectionmore>

    What methods of payment can I use?


    How is freight calculated?

    We will ship the goods by express, by sea, by train or by air. We will quote you after the order list confirmed.more>


    How To Open The Door Manually For HPS Fence Automatic Chicken Door Opener AD005

    Automatic chicken coop door opener let you not need to get up at the crack of dawn!


    How To Install And Set HPS Fence Automatic Chicken Door Opener AD002 When First Use

    When you install and set the chicken door opener first time, please kindly check. Following the steps in video, the opener will work well.

    Safety protection solutions for small farm and home yard