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Electric Fence Connector

Electric Fence Connector

These galvanized connectors are a must for ensuring a good connection when joining electric fencing wire & especially poly-twine.

Feature: If conductors are tied together then inevitably only a few of the electric conductors will touch and then it may be only an intermittent connection. By the time the fence line has been tied in a few places, the effectiveness of the electric fence has decreased dramatically.

Advantage: When using these connectors the whole steel casing becomes electrified and every conductor in the twine or poly-wire will have made a connection by the time it has gone through from one end to the other. This will cause no loss of power and the electricity can flow through the fence uninterrupted.

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The electronic fence connection buckle is used to conduct electricity between the multi-rope and multi-rope connectors of the electronic fence, and can also be used at door crossings.
HPS Fence provides what kinds of customization of electronic fence connector:
Product Customization:
If you have customized needs, HPS Fence can design for you ,and open new mould.
Packing Customization: 
HPS Fence can customized packaging according to your needs, such as inner box, label, manual, color carton ,pallet etc.
What are the styles of electric fence connector HPS Fence have:
Usage difference:
HPS Fence’s electric fence connector can be used for electric fence polyrope ,also can be used for difference width of electric fence polytape.
Shape difference:
HPS Fence have different shape of electric fence connector, to meet different customer needs and suit for difference scene.        
What are the advantages of choosing HPS Fence electric fence connector?
Good quality: durable, strong, reusable, light weight, strong conductivity, long life
Easy to install: Simply place your cord into the connector and set it to where you want it to be, then connect one cord to another without worrying about losing power
Wide range of applications: Can be used for dog, horse, pig, deer, pet and any other type of animal fence, electric fence, temporary fence system, or farm fence.
You may want to know more about electric fence connector.
1)How HPS Fence pack electric fence insulator?
PP bag & carton packing.
2)How to use the electric fence connector?
Please refer to the electric fence insulator details and video.

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Service And Support

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Customize Exterior

  • Exterior design:HPS Fence can open mold based on your brand request, customize exclusive exterior.Exterior color:According to Pantone Color, customize exclusive color of shell.
  • 3DAYS Products recommendation and analysis
  • 5 DAYS Tailor complete marketing solutions
  • 40 DAYS Mass production and packaging
  • FOREVER Continuous Improvement and service
Safety protection solutions for small farm and home yard