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Poultry Farm Equipment

You can find everything you need to keep poultry products here including: automatic chicken coop door opener, poultry netting, automatic chicken feeder, automatic poultry drinker and wooden chicken coop.

Poultry Netting: You can use HPS Fence pet chicken items to create a secure area. The hot selling sizes of poultry netting are 1.25*12M, 1.25*21M, 1.25*50M, 1.5*24M. The poultry netting size also can be customized as your request.

Automatic Chicken Coop Door: Our automatic chicken coop door opener have 6 types to fit different market demands.

Chicken Feeder: Automatic chicken feeder and poultry drinker can be made of plastic or metal material. Both color and size can be customized. Wooden chicken coop have several designs for choosing.

Fence Energizer

The HPS Fence’s electric fence energizer is for containment of sheep, poultry, the exclusion of wild predators and special applications.

Power: HPS Fence’s electric fence energizer with controlled up to 0.5, 1, 2, 3.5 and 4.8 joules.

Range: Easy to operate equipment for short runs of fence up to 5 KM, with little vegetation for cattle and horses. Very easy to install, with steel earth stick.

It is waterproof, low average current use, it is long battery life. And it runs on a 12V DC or 220V AC.

Advantages: Their reduced weight and compact design, their robustness make them ideal solution for electrification of mobile or subdivision fencing.

Electric Fence Insulators

Electric fence insulator including plastic electric fence insulators,porcelain electric fence insulators,pigtail post insulators and so on.

Function: They can be used for electric fence polytapes, electric fence polyropes and wires.

Usage: Electric fence insulator can be fitted on wooden or steel posts for permanent or mobile fencing.To choose HPS Fence is the best way for you.

Electric Fence Polywire

Polywire is primarily used in electric fences for their ability to improve the presence of an electric fence.

Feature: It is a well proven fact that all animals including humans will recall (after varying amounts of exposure) that the higher visibility of the wire basically means “stay away”.

Advantage: Used for a variety of fencing purposes and very effective and flexible. Stainless steel wires work to deliver great conductivity throughout the wire.

Usage: Polywire generally come with between 3 and 9 strands of electric filament woven into it.

The fewer strands the less zap the wire has. For example, 3 strand polywire is fine for cattle but for sheep we recommend 9 strands to get the zap past the woolly fleece!

Electric Fence Polytape

Advantage: Highly visible, lightweight and easy to use. A combination of weather resistant polyethylene and strong stainless steel wire conductors. Added UV protection makes this a long lasting polytape that will look very good for a long time.

Feature: Polytape is available in several widths to increase its visibility to livestock and provide a larger point of contact to any animals that test the strength of an electric fence. Function: The variety of available poly fencing allows you to select from several of those polytape widths. Those options let you customize your fence according to your specifications and livestock needs.

Electric Fence Tester

Having a good electric fence tester will save you a lot of time on your farm. They really are an essential farm tool when it comes to raising livestock.

Advantage: A good fence tester will help you determine easily check fence energizers and batteries for the correct output and voltage. These tools can help you determine if your energizer is working properly or if the fence is at fault.

Range: HPS Fence's testers LED neon lamps indicates voltage levels from 1kv to 10kv (1000 volts to 10000 volts)Function: HPS Fence's digital electric fence testers will tell you the direction you need to go to find fence problems.

Electric Fence Gate Handles

The electric fence gate handle is a very good tool for farming fencing.

Element: It is made of tough, high-quality plastic, that it is anti-slip insulated, UV resistant and withstands cold weather, very sturdy and practical. It can last for a long time in the nature.

Feature: The big hook is zinc plated to help reduce oxidation at ends, which that provide a durable long-lasting handle.

Advantage: The insulated fence handle designed to enable you to complete electric fencing circuits across gateways and openings helping to create a secure electric fencing system to protect your horse, pony or other animal and crop.

Electric Fence Reels
Electric fence reels are designed to safely hold long lengths of electric wire, rope, or tape. 
Feature: Using reels in your portable fence ensures its lifetime making them a very useful addition to any electric fence system. 

Capacity: Electric fence reels can hold around 500m polywire and 200m polytape with 12mm width. 

Element: Zinc coated frame with positive locking ratchet mechanism and UV stabilized for long life. Electric fence reels have a 3:1 or 1:1 gear ratio.
Electric Fence Post

Electric fence Post can be quickly set up for fencing in any outdoor area.

Usage: Set up your fence perimeter by installing this step-in electric fence post and then run your fence line between multiple posts.

Element: Constructed with durable polypropylene, fiberglass and steel, this heavy-duty electric fence post is built to last while also being easy to install and remove.

Advantage: HPS Fence can help you make sense of a confusing array of post options. We will be happy to help you find the right products for your requirements.

Electric Fence Connector

These galvanized connectors are a must for ensuring a good connection when joining electric fencing wire & especially poly-twine.

Feature: If conductors are tied together then inevitably only a few of the electric conductors will touch and then it may be only an intermittent connection. By the time the fence line has been tied in a few places, the effectiveness of the electric fence has decreased dramatically.

Advantage: When using these connectors the whole steel casing becomes electrified and every conductor in the twine or poly-wire will have made a connection by the time it has gone through from one end to the other. This will cause no loss of power and the electricity can flow through the fence uninterrupted.

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