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Electric Fence Gate Handles

Electric Fence Gate Handles

The electric fence gate handle is a very good tool for farming fencing.

Element: It is made of tough, high-quality plastic, that it is anti-slip insulated, UV resistant and withstands cold weather, very sturdy and practical. It can last for a long time in the nature.

Feature: The big hook is zinc plated to help reduce oxidation at ends, which that provide a durable long-lasting handle.

Advantage: The insulated fence handle designed to enable you to complete electric fencing circuits across gateways and openings helping to create a secure electric fencing system to protect your horse, pony or other animal and crop.

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HPS FENCE provides our offline wholesalers/online customers (Amazon, Ebay, ect.) /brands with professional services for electric fence gate handles.————Learn more about services (MORE).
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HPS Fence can customized packaging according to your needs, such as inner box, label, manual, color carton ,pallet etc.
Gate Handle is intended for use on an electric fence gate.  The spring mechanism of fence gate handle provides tension.  Use this electric fence gate handle to avoid electrocuting yourself when opening the gate.
HPS FENCE provides customization of electronic fence gate handles.
Product Customization:
If you have customized needs, HPS Fence can design for you ,and open new mould.
Color Customization: 
HPS Fence could customize the color according to the Pantone color number.
Packing Customization: 
HPS Fence can customized packaging according to your needs, such as inner box, label, manual, color carton ,pallet etc.
What are the advantages of choosing HPS Fence electric fence gate handle?
Heavy duty tension spring
Large shield on handle to protect from shocks
Handle manufactured with UV stabilished plastic
What are the styles of electric fence gate handle HPS Fence have.
Size difference:
HPS Fence have different spring sizes of electric fence gate handle in order to meet the needs of different customers.
Shape difference:
HPS Fence have different shape of electric fence gate handle, to meet different customer needs and suit for difference scene. HPS Fence could recommend or cooperate with customers to customize and develop according to the usage scenario.
You may want to know more about electric fence gate handles:
1)How HPS Fence pack electric fence gate handle?
PP bag & carton packing.
2)What color of electric fence gate handle did HPS Fence?
Black, White, Orange ,Yellow ,etc.
3)How to use the electric fence gate handle?
Please refer to the electric fence gate handle details and video.

HPS Fence Provides You With A Complete Set Of Service Processes.

Service And Support

Professional service support (complete product information and timely after-sales service ) to make sure you have no worries after sale.HPS Fence always provide comprehensive, helpful and timely service. To provide customers with a good purchasing experience.

HPS Fence provides professional services for offline wholesalers/online customers (Amazon, Ebay, ect.) /brands in the agriculture pasture field.

Customize Exterior

  • Exterior design:HPS Fence can open mold based on your brand request, customize exclusive exterior.Exterior color:According to Pantone Color, customize exclusive color of shell.
  • 3DAYS Products recommendation and analysis
  • 5 DAYS Tailor complete marketing solutions
  • 40 DAYS Mass production and packaging
  • FOREVER Continuous Improvement and service
Safety protection solutions for small farm and home yard