Safety Protection Electric Fence Solutions For Small Farm And Home Yard

Safety protection solutions for small farm and home yard
Solutions For Retrofitting And Extending Electric Fence For Small farm

Electric Fence Solution For Small Farm

If your existing fence is with barbed wire, its may with some problems as below:

*Less-effective to contain your animals in farm.

*Weather and rust deteriorates the wire.

*Quickly looks worn and loses its shape due to animal pressure.

*Can trap your animals.

Retrofitting the traditional fence to electric fence is one of the efficacious solution for you.

Electric fences are good for containing livestock and are excellent for keeping predators away.

*An electric fence works partly as a psychological barrier, rather than solely as a strong physical barrier, it can be made of lighter materials than a non-electric fence.

*This makes electric fences less expensive and easier to install and maintain.

*Livestock rarely push or rub up against an electric fence trying to scratch an itch. This makes electric fences last longer.


Some farmer in order to save cost, electrify an existing barbed wire fence, that is a wrong decision.

*Electrified barbed wire is dangerous.

When the electric current passes through an animal (or a homesteader) touching the fence, animal will receive a stronger shock from a skin that is pierced by the barb.

The charge will be administered straight into moist flesh rather than on the skin surface and as you all know.

It has numerous sharp points and electricity tends to be discharged into the air from these points more easily than from a rounded surface, this phenomenon called “Corona discharge” in physics.

Animal could still get caught on the barbed wire portion of the fence and be subjected to repeated shocks.

How to retrofit the existing fence ?

If you want reserve the existing fence, you can attach some long or outrigger insulator to wooden or metal post.

Adding one or several insulator and hot wires on fence post , the height depend on different animals.

For example, horse height we normally recommend as below :

Large Horse

Electric fence for large horse are 0.65 to 1.35m high with 2 to 3 wires

Small Horse

Electric fence for small horse are 0.45 to 1.15m high with 2 to 3 wires

Height Of Fire lines

The first criterion is setting a fire line according to the height of the nose of the main animal, also can added a fire line setting at the knee, actually the height can obey your horse's body type.(More details please reference solution 1.1).

Building Electric Fence Gate

After attaching the insulator and wire to fence, you need build an electric fence gates.which transfer power under the gate from 1 side to the other with an under-gate cable.


If thorns or grass are taller, if hot wire touched it will caused short circuits, in this situation we recommend pigtail fence post or avoid the hot wire touched the grass and thorns .

Products details required as below:

Electric fence energizer

Digital fence tester

Poly wire

Poly tape

Underground cable

Warning sign

Fence insulator

Gate handle kit

Wire connector

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Safety protection solutions for small farm and home yard