Safety Protection Electric Fence Solutions For Small Farm And Home Yard

Safety protection solutions for small farm and home yard

Electric Fence Solution For Deer

fence for deer

Excluding red deer

Deer can cause a problem for gardeners by destroying plants and trees. And since deer tend to browse for food overnight, this can be difficult to prevent. Although you can use soap as a deer deterrent, a more effective preventative method is to build a deer fence.

This forms a physical barrier which prevents the deer from entering your garden and causing damage.

Fortunately, deer fences are fairly simple to build.

Line your posts around the perimeter 15 feet (4.6 m) apart.

Before driving your posts into the ground, place them flat on the ground around the perimeter. Each post should be an equal distance—15 feet (4.6 m)—away from each other.

Apply as much force as you can downward to drive the post into the ground. About 6 to 8 feet (1.8 to 2.4 m) of each post should be exposed above the ground.

Make sure each post is driven at least 1 foot (0.30 m) into the ground..

Mount the electric fence insulators.

Because you need to keep the electricity in the wires and away from the posts,electric fence insulators are important to install. It'll depend on the type of fence wire you purchase.

Because different types of fence wire will have different insulators to match.

Each post through the fire line, need to be installed with one insulator.

Install the electric fence polywire.

Many variations in high-tensile fencing design for deer exist. Whatever design is chosen, wire spacing should be close enough to prevent the animal from stepping through or putting its head between the wires.

Be sure that wires are placed near the nose level of the animal.To prevent jumping, an electrified top wire above the deer's head is recommended.

Regularly, electric fences for protecting against deer are up to 1.5m high with 5 wires

The Cross –connection between two wires

The fire wire is connected by connecting buckle/opening bolts at intervals of 30m to make the pulse voltage more uniform and allow the electric fence to function better.

To ensure that all permanent electric fence have effective animal control to the every end of the fence.

Build an electric fence gates.

Transfer power under the gate from one side to the other with an underground cable. Permanent and temporary gates should be wired identically.

Install an electric fence energizer

An efficient electric fence energizer is the foundation of the basic power supply to your electric fence. The output power of an energizer is specified in joules.

Products details required as below:

Electric fence energizer

Electric fence insulator

Electric fence post insulator

Electric fence warning sign

Electric fence underground cable

Electric fence digital tester

Electric fence polywire

Electric fence connector

Electric fence gate handle

Electric fence cut off switch

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Safety protection solutions for small farm and home yard