Safety Protection Electric Fence Solutions For Small Farm And Home Yard

Safety protection solutions for small farm and home yard

About HPS Fence Factory

About HPS Fence Factory

HPS Fence factory established in 2003 in Zhejiang, China. Integrates R&D, design and production. With more than 100 workers and a 5-person R&D team. HPS Fence focuses on the production of electric fence energizers and some poultry related products.

R&D Customization/Capability

Department of New Product Development

HPS Fence regularly conducts analysis and research on market demand, and keeping develope new products.

R&D Engineer

Dr. Yang, graduated from the famous Zhejiang University in China, majoring in mechanical engineering & electronics. He has more than 20 years of experience in electronic design and research and development, and is proficient in the most advanced electronics, communications and software and hardware technologies at home and abroad. He has participated in China's national electronic engineering projects for many times, published many papers in national journals, and won many awards.

Market Demand

HPS Fence assist customers to develop new products together, which based on customers' needs for function and market.

R&D Confidentiality

As for new product develope in coopration, we strictly keep confidentiality.

Display of Product R&D Ability

Chicken Door Opener Upgrade

HPS Fence has launched 6 generations (AD001~AD006) chicken coop door openers to fit the needs of our customers as well as the security, flexibility and usability demands of end users.

Electric Fence Energizer Upgrade

Change of joules:

HPS Fence improve and promote the joules of fence energizer to meet different customer request, we have 0.5J, 1J, 2J, 3.5J and 4.8J, we are still keeping improving it.


Power source:Traditional 12V battery to AC 110V-240V,Solar version function upgrade

Patent of Product

Our company has a number of product utility model, invention and appearance patent certificates. Among them, the chicken coop door openr and chicken netting are constantly updated. HPS will continue to develop new products and apply for patents, leading our products and technologies to always be in a leading position.

HPS Fence continues to develop new products and apply for patents.


  • Customize exterior

    Exterior design

    HPS Fence can open mold based on your brand request, customize exclusive exterior.

    Exterior color

    According to Pantone Color, customize exclusive color of shell.

  • Customize function

    Customize chicken netting

    Customize size

    Customize color

    Customize wire diameter

    Customize Chicken coop door

    Screen interface of website

    Parameter of chicken door(values of lumen, anti-pinch function level,open/close down time)

    Customize language

    Customize Electric fence energizer

    Customize output/input joules

    Customize pulse voltage

  • Customize packing

    HPS FENCE have owns graphic designer:

    We offer customized services(colorful box, instruction book and sticker) based on customer request.

  • Customize marketing document of product

    HPS FENCE offer the marketing videos, copywriting information, HD pictures and other document, its convenient for you launche and promote the product in market.

HPS Fence Delivery Capacity

HPS Fence have stock of the Hot sale products

  • For some hot-selling products, we will regularly prepare stock to save delivery time and help customers save time.According to Pantone Color, customize exclusive color of shell.

How we guarantee delivery?

  • HPS Fence has a complete and professional production line and a mature supply chain to ensure that products can be produced with high quality and quantity.
  • You will have your own and professional order follow-up staff to serve your order to ensure on-time and on-demand delivery.
  • HPS Fence website has an order tracking function, you only need to enter your order number to check the progress of your order.

HPS Fence Supply Chain

  • HPS Fence Mature Supply Chain System
  • HPS Fence has 20 mature supply chain factories.
  • In order to ensure the quality of products, HPS Fence has strictly selected these 20 factories with more than ten years of cooperation and experience.
  • In order to ensure delivery time and quality, HPS Fence will still regularly inspect, evaluate and screen high-quality suppliers every year.

About Quality

Manufacturing Ability

  • HPS Fence has sufficient production capacity to make sure every order will be delivered on time.
  • HPS Fence has own mould teams, production workshops and modern production lines, so that it can effectively controls quality of products and delivery time for shipping.

Quality Control Ability

  • The core electronic components are all from international first-line brands.
  • All circuit boards are produced by automatic placement machines imported from Japan Yamaha with second welding spot scanning detection to ensure the quality’s stability.
  • All products pass the 24-hour aging test to ensure the stability of operation.
  • 10% products of each batch are sampled to ensure the quality of the final products

Product Packaging Quality

  • Product packaging is drop tested to ensure that you and your customers receive the product in perfect condition.
  • For special products, we will have exclusive special protection packaging solutions.

International Certification

  • Chicken coop door openers(AD001, AD002, AD003, AD004, AD005, AD006) own CE certification by TUV organization in Germany. Also with IPX3 waterproof test report.
  • Electric fence energizer(HPS050, HPS100, HPS200,HPS350,HPS480) own CE and ROHS certification by TUV organization in Germany. Also with IPX6 waterproof test report.
  • Electric fence digital tester(FTR005) owns CE certification by TUV organization in Germany.

Product Warranty

  • HPS Fence offers 2 year quality warranty for electronic products.
Safety protection solutions for small farm and home yard