Safety Protection Electric Fence Solutions For Small Farm And Home Yard

Safety protection solutions for small farm and home yard
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Electric Fence Post

Electric Fence Post
HPS Fence provides our offline wholesalers/online customers (Amazon, Ebay, ect.) /brands with professional services for electric fence post.————Learn more about services (MORE).
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Electric fence post, as an important part of temporary pasture, is used together with electric fence polyrope, polytape and electric fence energizer for the construction of temporary pasture. Application: garden, vegetable garden, temporary pasture.

HPS Fence provides what kinds of customization of electronic fence post.
Product Customization:
If you have customized needs, HPS Fence can design for you ,and open new mould.
Color Customization: 
HPS Fence could customize the color according to the Pantone color number.
Packing Customization: 
HPS Fence can customized packaging according to your needs, such as inner box, label, manual, color carton ,pallet etc.
What are the styles of electric fence post HPS Fence have:
Size difference:
HPS Fence have different sizes of electric fence post in order to meet the needs of different customers.
Material difference:
HPS Fence have different material of electric fence post,such as PP, fiberglass, to meet different customer needs and suit for difference scene.
If You're an e-commerce or offline wholesaler: How does HPS Fence help you grow?
Stocks & New Products Service:
HPS Fence regularly stocks some hot-selling products and provides inventory services to meet your requirements for fast delivery, small MOQ, and strong packaging.
Provide customers with new product recommendations based on regular analysis of the market by HPS Fence.
Marketing material support:
HPS Fence will prepare free related marketing videos, copywriting, HD images and other marketing materials for you, which are convenient for you to use in store and marketing.

How far apart should the electric fence posts be.

Columns with high strength steel wire can be spaced 60 to 75 feet apart on level ground. On hilly ground, spacing should not exceed 30-40 feet.
Electric fence posts must be no less than 140 cm (4.6 ft) high -- but the higher the better. The most popular is the 150cm (5ft) fence post.
What are the advantages of choosing HPS Fence electric fence post?
1.The plastic part protects against UV rays
2.Plastic electric fence posts have replaced earlier traditional types, such as the wooden or metal posts in many enclosures used to confine horses.
3.Durable, easy to install and maintain low cost, save time and effort

HPS Fence Provides You With A Complete Set Of Service Processes.

Service And Support

Professional service support (complete product information and timely after-sales service ) to make sure you have no worries after sale.HPS Fence always provide comprehensive, helpful and timely service. To provide customers with a good purchasing experience.

HPS Fence provides professional services for offline wholesalers/online customers (Amazon, Ebay, ect.) /brands in the agriculture pasture field.

Customize Exterior

  • Exterior design:HPS Fence can open mold based on your brand request, customize exclusive exterior.Exterior color:According to Pantone Color, customize exclusive color of shell.
  • 3DAYS Products recommendation and analysis
  • 5 DAYS Tailor complete marketing solutions
  • 40 DAYS Mass production and packaging
  • FOREVER Continuous Improvement and service
Safety protection solutions for small farm and home yard