Safety Protection Electric Fence Solutions For Small Farm And Home Yard

Safety protection solutions for small farm and home yard

Electric Fence For Goats

fence for goat

 Electric Fence For Goats :

HPSFENCE provides economical, hard-wearing and practical electric goat fencing systems;Goats are one of the most challenging livestock to contain with fencing. They tend to test fences by pushing against them, squeezing between the wires, and jumping over them.
In addition, some species of goats have thick coats that insulate them from electric shock.

Your fencing is so important when it comes to keeping your goats where you want them to be. And one of the options available is to use an electric fence for goats.

How Electric Fence For Goats work?

How to design your electric fence?

Fence wire for goats should be closely-spaced, starting low to the ground and placed high enough to prevent jumping over the fence.

We recommend using 5 to 6 wires spaced to an overall height of 40” – 46.” High-tensile or T-posts combined with aluminum or steel wire are both excellent fencing options for this purpose.

Mount the electric fence insulators.

Electrified wire will require insulators for fastening to posts.

The type of insulator that you choose will be dependent upon the type of post and wire that you are using, as well as your specific fencing needs..

The Cross –connection between two wires

The fire wire is connected by connecting buckle/opening bolts at intervals of 30m to make the pulse voltage more uniform and allow the electric fence to function better.

To ensure that all permanent electric fence have effective animal control to the every end of the fence.

Build an electric fence gates.

The fence remains electrified, even when the gate is open, you will need underground cable to carry the electrical current under the gate opening to the other side.

recommend using  50 ft 12 ½ Gauge Insulated Cable underground so that over time rocks don't cut through the insulation.

Install an electric fence energizer

To safely contain goats, you need a HPS Fence energizer that maintains 4,000 – 5,000 volts on the fence line. Voltage levels are impacted by vegetation on the fence line, length of fence, and type of wire.

In some areas, goats may be attacked by predators such as wolves, coyotes, or stray dogs, requiring your fence to also deter predators. A minimum of 5,000 volts on the fence line is required in this situation

When Designing A Fence For Goats You Should Consider:

Types Of Fence For Goats

Permanent fence for goats,Mobile fence for goats,Electrifying an existing fence for goats:When choosing an electric fence type, consider site size, goat population, terrain, and management needs.
Each type has its applicable scenarios. Choose the most appropriate type of electronic fence according to the specific situation.
Consult with a professional supplier or fence manufacturer to learn about the performance and suitability of different types.

Components Of Electronic Fence For Goats System | Best Electric Fence For Goats

Electric fence energizer

Electric fence insulator

Electric fence post insulator

Electric fence warning sign

Electric fence underground cable

Electric fence digital tester

Electric fence polywire

Electric fence connector

Electric fence gate handle

Electric fence cut off switch

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Safety protection solutions for small farm and home yard