Safety Protection Electric Fence Solutions For Small Farm And Home Yard

Safety protection solutions for small farm and home yard
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Defense & Protection Electric Fence Solution For Large Wild Animal.

l  Advantages of electric fence for wild animal

Animals can cause major damage to a property. Stray animals such as dogs, cattle, goats and pigs not just damage the foliage but also dirty the place with their excretions. To stop stray animals from entering the property the most commonly used Electric fence. The biggest advantage of using electric fence is that it does not cause injury to the animals and is able to prevent intrusion successfully.


l  The composition of the basic electric fence

The components of the electronic fence are post, electric polytape or polywire, ceramic insulators, etc. The most important one is the energizer.


l  About fence energizer

A fence energizer takes in electrical energy from an outside source (either a 110V~240V outlet or 12V battery) and then pushes the energy out through the fence in very brief pulses. When an animal touches the energized wires, the resulting shock deters the animal from challenging the fence again. HPS offers 0.5J/1J/2J/3.5J/4.8J (AC/AC&DC/SOLAR) energizer.

Electric fence solutions for feeding large animals (elephant as an example)

How difficult to stop the elephant

Elephants are known to cause the most devastating effect on farmland produce. Apart from the crop damage there is also a strong chance of human casualties arising due to elephant intrusion. Most fence systems have failed at stopping elephants as they are very intelligent beings and have managed to overcome all traditional fence methods. Even the traditional electric fences have not been successful as the elephants are known to uproot trees and throw them on the fences.


Electric fence solution for elephant

The only working solution that has managed to stop the elephants has been a cement post electric fence installed so that elephants do not have access to the base of the post. 

Containment fences for large animals like elephants, in addition to special fences, the energizer recommends at least 3.5J.

Electric fence solutions for defense large wild animals (elephant as an example)

In order to protect and prevent wild elephants from breaking into places where humans live, electric fences are also needed to maintain.

Because it is a field environment, the electronic fence involves a large area, so the power supply capacity of the energizer needs to be larger. HPS has 4.5J fence energizer that can provide field use.

Elephant electric fence solution products recommend

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Safety protection solutions for small farm and home yard