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The Application Of Electric Fence In Special Scenes

l  Using electric fence products to avoid chickens standing on water pipes, thus ensure the safety of pipes, cleanliness of the water and health of chickens.


l  Using electric fence products to protect the animals that raised in ponds, avoiding from birds and wild animals' attack.

1、Protection For Chicken Water Line

Water is an important part of the chicken body:

1. Water is the material basis for the metabolism and various biochemical reactions in the chicken body. 


2. Water is responsible for the transportation of various nutrients and excreta in the tissues and organs.


3. Water participates in body temperature regulation and directly affects the healthy growth of the chicken. 



Dirty water's terrible impacts:

In actual production, symptoms such as persistent habitual diarrhea, low feed intake and diarrhea are closely related to water pollution.


Open drinking water systems especially need to pay attention to protecting water quality. 


Electric fence solution for protecting chicken water line:

Step 1: Install the water pipe buckles.


Step 2: Let polywire go through the buckles’ round holes that on the top.


Step 3: Connect electric fence energizer with the polywire. Let the energizer start working. 

Protection For Chicken Water Line Products Introduction:

Electric Fence Energizer

Electric Fence Polywire

Water Pipe Buckles

2、Protection For Fish Pond

Birds will have bad efforts for fish ponds:

Birds can spread disease through predation, which will lead to widespread death and reduce aquaculture production.

Predation by birds or other animals will reduce aquatic production.

Predation by birds or other animals will cause a decline in the quality of aquaculture. The surface of fish and shrimp is damaged after being pecked, which seriously damages the appearance of aquatic products and affects sales.


Normal methods of anti-birds:

Chemical defense: Mainly using poisonous gas and other irritating drugs to drive away birds. However, this method will cause chemical residues in the environment and have a bad impact on the aquatic products themselves and the surrounding environment of the pond.

Physical defense: Sight and sound. The effect all not good. Nylon anti-bird nets are easy to entangle the wings of birds. Some birds need protection and can not harm them.


Electric fence solution for protecting fish pond:

Step 1: Install the fiberglass posts around the pond.

Step 2: Install the insulators on the post. The height of each row needs to be the same.

Step 3: Let polywire go through the insulators.

Step 4: Connect electric fence energizer to the polywire. Let the energizer start working.

Attention: Please lean the fiberglass post towards the surface of water.

Protection For Fish Pod Products Introduction:

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Electric Fence Energizer
Electric Fence Insulator
Electric Fence Post
Electric Fence Polywire
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Safety protection solutions for small farm and home yard
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