Safety Protection Electric Fence Solutions For Small Farm And Home Yard

Safety protection solutions for small farm and home yard
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Dunne is a child from mountains, longing for a life in a natural ranch. While working in Singapore in 2002, he met a friend Carol from New Zealand by chance, who exposed Dunne to electric fence products firstly. Then he developed a strong interest in electric fence products .

At the same time, with respect for the rustic farmers, in order that all hard-working farmers can have better harvest and their labor results have good protection, Dunne hopes to produce cheap and high-quality products so that every farmer can afford modern electric fence products to achieve effective nomadic protection. Since then, Dunne's electric fence’s world was opened.

Due to the lack of experience in the actual use of the products, Dunne had a long period of exploration in the process of research and development. However, through repeated experiments and customer’s help, he finally developed a series of products successfully and won the recognition of many customers.

Experienced Electric Fence Energizer Manufacturer

Electronic Fence Solution Expert Within 40 Kilometers

HPS Fence was established in 2003, focusing on providing professional technical solutions for small electronic farms and home backyards. At present, we have provided electronic fence solutions for thousands of customers from North America, South America, Europe, Australia and so on.
HPS Fence R&D And Manufacturing Strength

HPS Fence has engineers and mold manufacturing team that have profound experience in electronic design. They are fully committed to research and development. HPS has obtained a number of patents, as well as CE, ROHS, IPX6 waterproof certifications issued by German TUV company.

Since 2014, HPS Fence has been successfully developed electronic fence energizers, electric fence testers, chicken coop door openers and other products. Products are constantly updated and iterated, with more functions and more choices.

Exterior design:HPS FENCE can open mold based on your brand request, customize exclusive exterior.

The Development of HPS Fence
HPS Fence is committed to becoming an expert in providing solutions for small electronic farms and home backyard protection systems.


HPS Fence began to manufacture electric fence tools in 2005.


HPS Fence began to manufacture electric fence accessories and related products in 2010.


HPS Fence began to develop and produce electronic fence energizer, tester and so on. HPS Fence continues to update and improve them.


HPS Fence began to develop and produce related products for home backyards such as chicken nets and chicken door controllers. HPS Fence continues to update and improve them.

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Automatic Chicken Door Opener AD001

Automatic chicken coop door opener let you not need to get up at the crack of dawn! And the same time giving you peace of mind by helping to protect your chickens from pesky foxes, raccoons, rats, or any other predators. HPS developed 6 generations of automatic chicken door openers to meet the needs of different customers.


Having a good electric fence tester will save you a lot of time on your farm. They really are an essential farm tool when it comes to raising livestock. A good fence tester will help you determine easily check fence energizers and batteries for the

Solar fence energizer

HPS FENCE’s solar energizers are extremely durable, powerful and reliable. The devices all have a different range of kilometers that they can provide with power. Solar Energizer charges the device’s battery through daylight. So your device will also charge on a cloudy day. Solar powered electric fence energizers offer effective livestock control in remote locations where power is unavailable. HPS FENCE's new solar technology offers you an extended selection of distance ratings in a much smaller footprint.

Safety protection solutions for small farm and home yard