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How do I choose an energizer?

Electronic Fence Solution Expert Within 40 KilometersHPS Fence as a safety protection solution for small ranches and homes and yards.
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How do I choose an energizer?

Update Time:2021-07-31

1. Please contact with us to get the suggestion.

2. Total length of fence line–now and in the future?

3. Species to be contained and/or deterred.

4. Climate of site–humid, dry or both?

5. Soil (clay, sand, rock or loam)?

6. Conductor (steel, aluminum, electroplastic twine/tape)?

7. Permanent, semi-permanent, temporary or mixed?

8. Will vegetation along either side of fence be controlled by grazing and/or spraying?

9. Power source–110v AC or battery?

10. Existing fences or posts?

11. Subdivision, perimeter fence or both?