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The Functions and Advantages of Electric Fences Used in Livestock Farms

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The Functions and Advantages of Electric Fences Used in Livestock Farms

Issue Time:2021-08-02
the specific functions and advantages of electric fences

The electric fence of a livestock farm mainly prevents the escape or loss of livestock animals in the farm during the breeding process and prevents other beasts from invading the pen. It is an inaccessible facility for reducing labor and establishing a modern scientific breeding system. The following are the specific functions and advantages of electric fences.

1. The electric fence host adopts the advanced perimeter security concept of "blocking first, alarming second", integrating "deterrence, blocking, alarm, and security" in one.

2. The unique touch-net detection technology makes the electric fence truly realize three alarm modes: touch-net, short circuit, and open circuit.

3. It is controlled by a microprocessor with high reliability, and the keyboard operation is simple and convenient.

4. With advanced pulse high-voltage output function, every line in the perimeter has an electric shock, making the perimeter electric fence impeccable. Strong blocking forms a physical barrier, which can delay the intrusion time and strive for the initiative for security precautions.

5. The false alarm rate is extremely low, the advanced alarm principle, strong anti-interference ability, accurate alarm, overcome the technical defects of infrared, microwave, electrostatic induction, etc., all insulators around the perimeter are waterproof design, to ensure that the system can alarm at the same time, Not affected by climate, plants, small animals and other factors.

6. No blind spots, no dead corners, the perimeter electric fence can be erected along with the ups and downs of the terrain, and both gates and corners can be installed.

7. It is safe and reliable. The system adopts the design idea of high voltage and low energy, which will not pose a life hazard to the human body.

8. The high and low-voltage switchable mode can be realized, and the user can freely switch the mode according to different needs. During the day or when someone is working near the fence, switch to low-pressure mode, which can reduce the impulse strike force of the front fence. At night or when high alert time is required, it can be restored to high-voltage pulse mode. Many electric fence hosts now have the function of automatically switching high and low voltages after setting the switching time.

9. You can use mobile phone text messages for remote arming and disarming operations.

10. There is a linkage output interface, which can realize linkage function with monitor and alarm center. It can also realize network computer monitoring.

11. Equipped with custom-made batteries, which can continue to work in the event of a power outage, and automatically convert to 220V power supply after power on.

12. As part of the perimeter fence, the electric fence wire can reduce the construction cost and investment.

13. The electric fence also has the advantages of beautiful appearance, convenient installation and maintenance, simple operation, not being restricted by terrain, and low cost.

Electric fences can achieve effective nomadic protection and guarantee the hard work of farmers. If you want to learn more about electric fences after reading the above, please contact us for a more comprehensive solution.

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